RTS / RTA Services

About Registration Services

At BOK Capital, we offer comprehensive Registrar to Share services to all our institutional customers. We ensure that all information and shareholder relationship are managed from dividend allocation and distribution to transferred shares and other related services of the institutional shareholders on time.

Our registration services help keep track of your company’s shareholders/debenture holders/bondholders, providing in-depth, accurate and customized shareholder analysis that help you make strategic decisions regarding investors and target investor communication.

Features of BOK Capital’s RTS / RTA Services

As a part of our registration services, we provide your company with the following features:

  • Custody of undelivered certificates and dividend warrants.
  • Maintenance and verification of specimen signatures of shareholders
  • Registration of transfer and transmission of shares
  • Payment of dividends and bonus share issuance
  • Custody service for debenture and regular interest payments
  • Providing company information for future ownership
  • Share ownership information management system
  • Signature Guarantees for ownership and endorser verification

Helping you manage your shareholders obligations effectively in a timely manner.

BOK Capital aims to provide all its RTS customers a timely, efficient and effective process to ensure all shareholders obligation regarding dividend, issue, certificate issue, and RTS services.

To learn more about the RTS service, please contact us.