Portfolio Management Service

About PMS

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) at BOK Capital offers its customers services tailored to make it easy to manage your portfolio. Backed by market research, our PMS service provides fund owners with an effective solution to discretionary or non-discretionary portfolio management.

Our Investment Philosophy

B.O.K. Capital is committed to protecting the capital or corpus money which you will be investing, and secondly, we work to see the invested capital grow at a healthy rate. In order to fulfill these objectives, we strive to build up a portfolio of stocks carefully chosen through a focused and disciplined approach.

We do not claim ourselves as market timers trying to predict the tops and bottoms of the market, nor do we fancy chances of making money in current Hot investment ideas. Our strategy is to acquire equities and financial instruments of strong and profitable businesses run by smart and credible management at market prices and create wealth for our valued customers on a longer horizon.

We strive to look out for values in the marketplace. We use our market intelligence and feedback network to constantly search for Catalysts and Red Flags to buy and sell stocks and negotiate on Fixed Instruments rates wherever possible to reward our customers with the highest adjusted risk-return.

How do we work?

We B.O.K.Capital generate ideas from different sources including corporate managers, various journals, corporate databases, regulatory databases, our own screening procedure and interactions with knowledgeable market sources.

Our market intelligence is on par with the best in the business. Once our exploration leads us to a few interesting stocks, we begin the analytical work to determine their intrinsic value. The process usually requires numerous interfaces with companies and market professionals. This appraisal facilitates a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the stock, leading to highly rewarding investment decisions.

Why manage your portfolio with us?

Transparency and constant updates

We believe in transparent business operations and our team is driven by professional values. Our customers get online access to their portfolio and they remain informed about their hard-earned money at any given point of time.
We also provide all of our PMS clients with a dedicated Portfolio Manager who will ensure your personalized service with periodic updates and account performance reports along with market insights.

Accessibility to our valued clients

Upon successful signing of an agreement for PMS service with B.O.K.Capital our customers can avail a hassle-free service at their fingertips sitting at any corner of the globe. Our customers can easily access the value of their portfolio through our mobile apps B.O.K. Capital or find information through our website www.bokcapital.com.np.Any other standing instructions as mutually agreed can also be sent to us through the online platforms.

Hassle Free Operations

B.O.K. Capital is a licensed Portfolio Management Service provider licensed from Securities Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON).
We have all the systems in place to take care of all the administrative and ancillary responsibilities. So, our customers do not have to worry about any compliance issues. Just Stay Relaxed!

Risk Management

Managing risk is a nightmare to any individual investors. With us, it is not. Our dedicated professionals and a systematic approach is driven by our research team, analyst, investment managers, and the leading Investment Committee ensures that we manage the risk of our customers in the best possible manner.

Professional Approach to Portfolio Formulation

Our customers will benefit from the experience and skills of our team of professionals who work diligently and dedicatedly towards the creation of wealth to our customers.

Our PMS Products

Discretonary Portfolio Management Services (DPMS)

IN a discretionary PMS, our portfolio manager manages the funds of our valuable clients in accordance with the needs of our client. We have different modules of Discretionary PMS based on the risk appetite of our stakeholders.
We currently have the following DPMS products:

BOK Blended / Balanced Portfolio

Under this BOK Capital will seek to ensure the protection of invested capital by our client irrespective of market fluctuations and attempts to protect the downside by investing in debt/money market instruments, bank fixed deposit/ schemes of mutual funds while at the same time minimizing equity exposure within defined protection levels. This product is suitable generally for the Retired Person, Pension Funds, Persons/Institutions requiring a regular income source and is categorized under low-risk services.

BOK Customized Grahak Portfolio

Through working with the client, we as a Portfolio manager develop a detailed understanding of tolerance to risk, investment time horizon, liquidity needs, etc. and thus recommend a solution designed to match goals and changing circumstances. Client’s selected portfolio aims to maximize the returns achievable within their chosen risk profile. Regular portfolio reviews are undertaken to adjust and adapt the portfolio objectives to the client’s needs.

BOK Growth Portfolio

These product offers a diversified investment portfolio across large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap equity and equity-related stocks and bonds (Convertible preferred stocks and bonds). This is an aggressive approach to the portfolio with a major focus on higher dividend yield and capital appreciation.

Non Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (NDPMS)

Under Non-discretionary portfolio management service, B.O.K. Capital offers a tailored service to the client whereby the client will have a complete discretion to make a professional investment decision to their portfolio based upon systematic research made by B.O.K. Capital.

Helping you manage your investments most effectively.

BOK Capital aims to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investments to build shareholder value. Committed to integrity and fairness in all our dealings, we strive to be among the best providers of financial services and products.