Portfolio Tracker

Steps to “Use Portfolio Tracker”

Step 1: Download “Portfolio Tracker” template from here

Step 2: After Download Complete, Open the file (Excel)

Step 3: Click on (Data):

Step 4: Click on (Refresh all):

This will refresh all the latest values of stocks.

Step 5: Enter the Company Symbols, Number of Shares, Buy Price, Current Price, Purchase Date, Sell Date (if sold any), all the calculation will be done automatically and by the given details the graph in right side of the portfolio sheet will be plotted automatically.

Step 6: To get latest values of shares follow “Step 3” and “Step 4”

You can find the details of latest share price in “Merolagani Sheet”, “NEPSE Sheet” and in “Symbol Sheet” you can find the symbols and related full name of the company you are needed of.