Name of FormsDownload
DP Forms
Demat Account Form
Demat Closing Form (Annex 20)
Mero Share (Online) Account Opening Form
Minor To Individual Account Update Form
Pledge Form Annex 18 (Filled by Client)
Pledge Form Annex 19 (Filled by Bank)
Demateralization Form (Certification Request Form)
In Person Verification Form
Bo To Bo Transfer Form
Bank Account Update Form
Father Name Change Form
Mobile No. Change Form
Signature Change Form
Statement Form
IPO Bonus Demat Form
Kamana Sewa Merger Form.
DRN Request Form – Khanikhola / Synergy
Application – Lost Certificate
SFCL Promoter Share Auction Form
SFCL Public Share Auction Form
Portfolio Form for Institutional
Portfolio form for Individual
Auction Form of Kumari Bank Limited

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