S.N.Name of FormsPublished DateDownload
1DRN Request Form – Khanikhola / Synergy2021/03/24
2Chhimek Laghubitta Auction Form2020/11/22
3RMDC Auction Form2020/11/22
4SFCL Auction Form2020/11/22
5Synergy Form2020/10/01
6Right Share of Samriddhi Finance Company Ltd.2020/10/01
7Demat Account Form2019/06/03
8Mero Share (Online) Account Opening Form2019/06/03
9Minor To Individual Account Update Form2019/06/03
10Pledge Form Annex 18 (Filled by Client)2019/06/03
11Pledge Form Annex 19 (Filled by Bank)2019/06/03
12Demateralization Form (Certification Request Form)2019/06/03
13In Person Verification Form2019/06/03
14Bo To Bo Transfer Form2019/06/03
15Bank Account Update Form2019/06/03
16Demat Closing Form (Annex 20)2019/06/03
17Khanikhola Hydropower(DeMat Form)2016/12/14

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