Effected Category Applicants:

Out of a total number of valid applicants (3951) under this category, 2573 no. of applicants are fully allowed 10 kitta till 120 kitta as applied by the applicant (Total Kitta – 177570). For 1378 no. of applicants who applied for more than 120 kitta till 3000 kitta are allotted 120 kitta each (Total kitta- 179140). For remaining kitta 3290, 10 kitta each will be allotted to applicants via lottery.

Serial NumberApplication NumberApplied Share KittaDeposit AmountApplicant NameInvalid Reason
1136510010000Khisu Din MiyaMultiple Application
27308505000Agrata PokharelMultiple Application
37040505000Apson PokharelMultiple Application
47360303000Manish DhakalMultiple Application

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